Lecture by Dr Yixian Sun: China’s engagement with sustainability governance in global supply chains

Published on
June 15, 2022

Dr. Yixian Sun

23 June 2022, 10:10-11:40 hours, room 3020, Orion building, Wageningen University Campus

You are hereby cordially invited for a guest lecture by Dr Yixian Sun (University of Bath), author of Certifying China (2022), and

Over the last three decades, many governance initiatives were developed to manage environmental and social impacts of global supply chains. Most of these initiatives were developed by businesses and civil society groups in the Global North, and therefore need support from stakeholders in the Global South. As China has quickly risen to occupy a leading position in many supply chains, the engagement of Chinese actors would be crucial to the ultimate success of relevant transnational governance initiatives. What are the positions of different actors in China on existing transnational governance initiatives? And how China is likely to shape the future of sustainability governance in global supply chains? In this talk, Dr. Sun will discuss these timely questions, drawing on his new book Certifying China and latest research on China’s policy on Green Belt and Road Initiative. He will explain why Chinese state actors may see opportunities in engaging with transnational governance but have expresses interests in developing new rules and norms led by China to govern global supply chains. The talk will also explore the potential reaction of China to the recent movement of due diligence legislation in EU countries and elicit comparison and debate on other non-EU countries facing such legislation.

(Registration is not needed and the meeting will not be offered online).

Contact person: Prof Dr Otto Hospes (PAP/WUR and IPB University)

Prof. Dr. Otto Hospes
Associate Professor of Public
Administration and Policy Group, Wageningen University, Netherlands
Adjunct Professor, IPB University, Indonesia