Library helps in Colombia

Published on
October 24, 2006

Universidad Tecnologíca del Chocó (UTCH) includes the main branche in Quibdo and the local branches in Bahia Solana on the coast and Istmina upcountry. 

Several departments of Wageningen UR are involved with a project at the University, which is financed by Nuffic. New teaching programs in biodiversity are being developed for this project and teachers are being trained. Part of the project is the furnishing of laboratories, the lay-out of an experimental field and support by the Library. Because of the latter Ger Naber recently visited Colombia and he reports: 

"The official language is Spanish and hardly anybody speaks English; not at the university and not in Quibdo. The UTCH library possesses approx. 17.000 books. Last year a computer system was introduced. The books are entered into a library system, CDS-ISIS. The loan system was computerised also, which means that the names of the students are registered in a CDS-ISIS file and every time a book is borrowed it is added to a name in the file. The library has a ‘Sala de internet’ with 5 computers, where all day long lots of students crowd around. A student is allowed to use the computer every day during half an hour. Access to the Wageningen Desktop Library and the availability of articles in the electronic journals is reasonably fast. Even in distant Bahia Solana they have computers with access to the Internet. 

In the “Sala Chocó” there is an interesting collection of books on the various of aspects of Chocó, the area around Quibdo. Within the project they are working hard to enter the titles into the library system. At the site of UTCH you get access to the Bibliotheca Virtual Sala Chocó. The articles from their ‘own’ revista de UTCH, the publications by the UTCH staff and the student reports are being digitized as well. With the addition of free information on the Internet such as databases, articles, reference works and journals, a virtual library is being created. This way only a limited number of books needs to be purchased for the local branches in Bahia Solana en Istmina."

(Newsletter 6-2006)