Library Plays Role in Graduate School Review

Published on
March 24, 2009

This spring an international committee reviewed five Wageningen graduate schools: EPS, MGS, PE&RC, VLAG, and WIAS. The graduate schools have a clear mission, produce high-quality articles and dissertations and often belong to the international top in their research fields, see also Resource 33, p. 4.

The Library played an important role in this review. First and foremost, the library generated the SEP overviews using Wageningen Yield (WaY). An SEP overview shows the different types of publications produced by a graduate school or chair group per year. The Library also created the bibliometric report for the graduate schools and the chair groups. In the report, the scientific impact of the research groups was compared with the world average of their field. For this report, a web application was built that calculated the required indicators in a straight-forward way. The Wageningen UR Library takes a unique position in the Netherlands in offering this application.

As a follow-up to the peer review of the graduate schools, the chair groups in question were also reviewed. The report from this review is expected this fall.

    (newsletter 5-2009)