Looking for the Quickest Signal of Deforestation? Turn to GFW’s Integrated Alerts

Published on
March 10, 2022

Global Forest Watch (GFW) highlights the RADD deforestation alerts research done at Wageningen University in their WRI blog post.

Global Forest Watch (GFW) is committed to bringing the most accurate forest data to users as quickly as possible. We are continually expanding the near-real-time deforestation alerts available on the GFW platform and are excited to introduce an updated layer. The “integrated deforestation alerts” layer combines the analytical power of GLAD, GLAD-S2 and RADD deforestation alerts to provide a faster, more confident view of forest disturbances than any one individual system. Prompted by user feedback, this update simplifies workflows and harnesses the best of each alert type to support a variety of monitoring purposes.