Martin Scholten receives Scottish Award as Honorary Fellow of SRUC

August 31, 2022

Martin Scholten has been appointed Honorary Fellow of Scotland's Rural College (SRUC). He is WUR (Wageningen University & Research) liaison for European and Regional Networks and received this award Monday, August 29, at a graduation ceremony, in Glasgow, Scotland.

According to the Scottish nomination committee, Scholten has played a major role in international research collaboration relevant to agriculture in a rural context, both scenically and as a factor in broad rural prosperity. Scotland’s Rural College is a young 'enterprise university', formed in 2012 after a merger of several educational institutions, with a focus on sustainable natural economy. Scholten has been closely involved in international collaboration on the Global Research Alliance (GRA) on agricultural greenhouse gas emmissions and on the Animal Task Force (ATF). He also worked to intensify the cooperation between SRUC and WUR.

Natural Economy

In addition, Scholten advises on the future of Scottish Natural Economy research on various committees, advocating national collaboration between tertiary colleges (post-secondary education) and universities on Scotland's Natural Economy: Sustainable Growth Potential. This has now led to the development of an Alliance for Research Challenge for the Natural Economy.

European cooperation

Scholten is not only active in this field in Scotland, but has previously received an award from the Polish Academy of Science, also for promoting the participation of Polish institutes in European collaborations. He is also working on a mission to give Danish universities a stronger position in European cooperation in a national alliance called START.