MCB Online Research Seminar: Ugly Produce Campaigns July 16, 2020

Published on
June 30, 2020

On July 16, at 11.00 AM, the MCB group will host the first ever online MCB research seminar, on Microsoft Teams. Dr. Mia Birau will be presenting. The title of her presentation is Ugly Produce Campaigns: How the perception of misshapen produce can have positive effects on store image. The seminar can be accessed through the link given below.

Consumers often reject products with visual imperfections, and therefore marketers and retailers avoid offering such products. Yet, in an effort to reduce food waste, some retailers worldwide are starting to advertise, label, and sell misshapen produce. In a large-scale survey and three experiments, we investigate acceptance of misshapen produce and the effects of selling such produce on store image. We find that consumers perceive misshapen produce to be natural, which leads to product acceptance and improved store image. Further, taking steps to clearly separate misshapen produce from conventional produce (through awareness campaigns or produce labeling) appears beneficial for store image.

To visit the research seminar, please click here.