Meditation sessions in Forum Library

Published on
January 23, 2023

Meditation can help you find your peace, even in busy study times. Do you want to see if it's something for you? There are meditation sessions in the Library every Monday and Thursday during lunchtime.

Mindfulness meditation

During the guided meditation sessions you can practice with mindfulness and meditation techniques. You'll learn to become aware of your thoughts and feelings, and accept them as they are, without the need to change them. This can help to reduce stress and anxiety.

We find it in important to offer students, in the hectic pace of everyday university life, a moment to destress. Meditation is one of the ways to restore your energy and inner balance. We offer the meditations twice a week during lunchtime, so they can easily fit into everyone's daily schedule. Dannie de Kleijn, team leader Front Office

Practical information

The meditations are for both beginners and advanced practitioners. The workshops are led by qualified instructors of Spectrum (Student Platform & Chaplaincy) and are for WUR students only. The sessions are on Mondays and Thursday, from 12.30 to 13.15 in room 366, Forum Library. No need to register, just come by 10 minutes beforehand, so we can start on time.