Mixed generations in the future classroom

Published on
November 16, 2021

Judith Gulikers and Carla Oonk (ELS) contributed to the educational design of a mixed (generations) classroom pilot at Wageningen University.

A mixed group of regular students and professionals followed a course on Management Public Spaces. The boundary crossing theory was used for the course design in order to stimulate mutual learning between students and practitioners, as well as learning from theory and practice simultaneously. The evaluation shows satisfaction from both sides. Students appreciate to learn about the stubborn daily practice that professionals bring in. Professionals move away from their daily practical routines by diving into theoretical concepts behind. Both groups appeared to bring in knowledge and expertise that the other group lacked. Improvements are to be found in the workload (cognitive overload..), self-regulated learning of mainly the professionals and trajectories for personal development parallel to the course. New pilots will start from 2022 on.

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