Monique Nuijten and Bram Jansen receive Excellent Education Prize 2016

Published on
April 14, 2016
Today we would like to congratulate Monique Nuijten and Bram Jansen who received an Excellent Education Prize 2016 for courses they are coordinating and teaching. Sociology in Development: Towards a Critical Perspective (SDC-32806) coordinated by Dr. ir. M.C.M. (Monique) Nuijten and Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction (SDC-34806) coordinated by Dr. B.J. (Bram). Also congratulations to all other lecturers who were involved and contributed to the excellence of these courses. Rector Magnificus Arthur P.J. Mol officially awarded their prize for their achievement.

The Executive Board of Wageningen UR highly values excellent education and therefore awards a prize for excellent education on a regular basis. Each year 30 courses are rewarded this prize which reflects the high quality of education at Wageningen UR. A quality indicator is calculated on the results of questions on course set up, learning outcomes, teaching methods, previously acquired knowledge, overlap, the contribution of the lecturers to the learning process, examination and on the general rating of the course. Wageningen UR also highly values the student evaluations of the course. At least 10 students have to fill in the course evaluation, and the response rate for the course must be at least 20% in order to qualify for the prize.

Previous years excellent education prizes were given to Dr. ir. G (Gemma) van der Haar with Fieldwork in conflict and post-conflict settings (SDC-51306) and to Dr. ir. P.A. (Pieter) de Vries with Policy, Projects and Programs for Development (SDC-33806). Who will be awarded an excellent education prize in 2017?