New book published: Greenhouse horticulture - Technology for optimal crop production

Published on
January 8, 2019

This book provides an integrated approach to crop growth and development and the technical aspects of greenhouse cultivation and climate management.
It combines an analysis of the relationship between crop production and ambient climate with an explanation of the processes that determine the climate in a protected environment.
With the ability to modify the environment comes the need for growers to strike a balance between the costs and benefits of technology.

This book outlines the methods and gives several examples of how to make 'optimal' choices about technology. Sustainable management of shoot and root environment is discussed, as well as the pros and cons of vertical farming.
The processes addressed in this book, like crop growth, energy balance and mass exchange, apply to any kind of greenhouse. Therefore, in spite of the word 'technology', this is not a book about high-tech greenhouses only.

'Greenhouse horticulture' is an easy-to-read textbook for all those interested in protected cultivation, from university students and teachers to professional advisers in the field and managers of horticultural companies.