New book published on ‘Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition in Global Forests’

Published on
November 20, 2023

Anthropogenic activities have increased the inputs of reactive nitrogen to the environment globally and caused an exceedance of the planetary boundary. As an important component of nitrogen cycle, nitrogen deposition is found to exert significant impacts on forest ecosystems that cover approximately one third of the global land surface and provide essential ecosystem services. In view of this challenge, a new book ‘Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition in Global Forests: Spatial Variation, Impacts, and Management Implications’, edited by Professors Enzai Du and Wim de Vries, has been published by Academic Press in October 2023.

This book provides comprehensive knowledge on spatial variation and ecological impacts of reactive nitrogen deposition in global forests, as well as forest management options to mitigate the negative impacts. Written and edited by international experts in the field, this book synthesizes recent research developments and insights in monitoring and modeling nitrogen deposition in global forests. The book also assesses ecological impacts of enhanced nitrogen deposition on forest structure and function and responses of forest ecosystems to decreasing nitrogen deposition in regions such as the European Union and North America. Finally, the book reviews indicators and thresholds for nitrogen saturation in global forests and analyzes remediation options to reduce negative impacts of excess nitrogen deposition.

Book contents (a) and cover page (b)
Book contents (a) and cover page (b)

The relevance of the book can best be described by some quote from the preface that Professor Mark Sutton wrote, stating that “this book offers essential expert insight in the environmental issues associated with reactive nitrogen deposition to forests globally.” “While recognizing the need for further research, it is clear that this book brings together a huge body of evidence, providing a robust picture that demonstrates the case for action.” “The present book thus offers important information for policy makers to help protect forests from nitrogen pollution and for stakeholders to help develop better management practices. With this perspective in mind, the information in this book will be a key resource for graduate students, university teachers and researchers in ecological, environmental and earth sciences.”

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Du, E., de Vries, W. (eds.) 2023. Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition to Global Forests: Spatial Variation, Impacts and Management Implications. Academic Press.