New evidence platform for regenerative, inclusive food systems

Published on
April 21, 2022

How to transform food systems? What works and what doesn't work? The REFOOTURE evidence platform is a website on which changemakers share and use evidence for regenerative and inclusive food system transformations. You are invited to have a look and to engage with this new platform.

We believe that interaction and dialogue lead to mutual inspiration. This platform aims to support a growing community in their capabilities, opportunities, and motivation, and in this way spur innovations and transformation. On the evidence platform, change makers can post their ‘burning question’ to start a dialogue with experts, practitioners, policy-makers and other people interested in thinking along about regenerative inclusive food systems.

The evidence platform was launched during the Circular@WUR conference, in which Ressect posted their burning question. Insect rearing for animal feed and to produce organic fertiliser is quite new and innovative. RESSECT aims to upscale their business to improve the circularity of the East African/Kenyan food system. What do you think are key aspects to increase market readiness of the concept and to increase inclusivity - especially for youth and women in the industry? What do you think? Leave your comment on the platform.