New HSO member: Daniël Borkent

Published on
May 11, 2021

Hi there, my name is Daniƫl Borkent. I finished MSc Communication, Health & Life Sciences in 2020 at Wageningen University. I started missing the WUR environment soon after, though, and came back here in a temporary Junior Researcher position. I'm conducting a scoping review about the many ways to conceptualize and measure perceived well-being, for the purpose of efficiently and accurately investigating the efficacy of public health interventions.

My background is as broad as the field of public health itself, and I am familiar with a diverse set of disciplines. These include, but are not limited to: sociology, gender studies, communication science, urban planning and behavioural science.

My written products illustrate this diversity in disciplines: my BSc Thesis involved an analysis of active transportation, and I researched ethical perspectives surrounding euthanasia in my MSc Thesis. For my MSc internship, I investigated the unique health challenges faced by residents of the earthquake-plagued region of north-east Groningen.

Whenever public health isn't on my mind, chess is likely in its place. In my free time, I teach chess and manage an online chess club with friends from all across Europe. I also enjoy learning and thinking about the various cultural and political issues across the globe.