New Master Programme

Published on
March 3, 2022

The Wageningen University & Research educates students to participate in the sustainability transition. A new master programme is developed to support this. Sustainability is at the heart of this master. Five new specialisations offer state-of-the art education on different aspects of sustainability. Chair groups of section Business Science are involved in three of the five specialisations. In our coming (hybrid!) section seminar on March 4th from 12.00 till 13.00 we will take a look at these three specialisations. The seminar is organised by the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour group. They have invited several speakers who will tell more about the new master programme/their specialisation.

Paul Berentsen will open the section seminar. He is directing all the specialisations, and will tell us more about the new master programme.

Miranda Meuwissen is involved in the specialisation Supply Chain Analytics. She will share her insights in supply chains and sustainability.

Arnout Fischer is involved in the specialisation Consumer Studies. He will talk about how consumers respond to sustainability.

Caspar Krampe is involved in the specialisation Sustainable Business & Innovation. He will tell us more about sustainable businesses and innovation, and the transition that is involved with it. 

After the presentations we will have a group discussion.

Due to the loosened COVID 19 measures we are able to come together for this seminar (hurray!). If you would like to join us, please send an email to our contact person Laura de Graaf. She can send you an invitation for the Teams meeting. Or, if you would like to join in person, she will send you the details for the meeting.