New Pacbio Sequel II platform accessible through shared research facilities

Published on
September 18, 2020

The latest on long read sequencing, Pacbio Sequel II, has been acquired by Wageningen University & Research, Shared Research Facilities, in collaboration with FoodValley Facilities.

With this sequencing platform the capacity is increased 8-fold, the run time is extended up to 30-hours and the high quality (hifi) reads makes assembly of long reads, structural variation detection and phasing more reliable and faster. This platform can be used for de-novo sequencing of large genomes, structural variation analysis, haplotype phasing, full length transcriptome sequencing (isoSeq), and DNA modifications and allows great possibilities on genomics and transcriptomics, thereby bringing agricultural research to a new stage.

Sharing research facilities between research institutes and industrial organisations continues to make being a front-runner possible, also in Next generation sequencing. The investment in the PacBio Sequel II is a partnership of Wageningen Plant Research-Bioscience, KeyGene N.V. and BaseClear B.V. The machine is housed in the lab of Bioscience in Wageningen.


Sequencing is the process of reading and mapping the DNA structures ("genomes") of plants and other organisms in order to achieve more robust plants (e.g., more resistant to diseases) and improve industrial processes. Developments in sequencing technology follow each other in rapid succession. The PacBio Sequel II is the next step up and makes it possible to analyze more genomes faster.

Shared facilities

An organisation’s network of partners and experts is essential to generating innovation. Shared Research Facilities collaborates with Foodvalley Facilities, in making state-of-the-art research equipment available to researchers from all organisations through facility sharing.

This set-up enables users to also directly contact expertise in the fields of films and packaging, storage, food and non-food products, and all the cutting-edge technological possibilities the facilities has to offer. Thus, the latest technological developments are directly accessible by you.

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