New PhD-candidate Anouk Mesch joins ELS and CHL

Published on
December 14, 2020

My name is Anouk Mesch and I recently joined Education & Learning Sciences and Consumption & Healthy Lifestyles as a PhD-candidate. I will be working on my PhD-project in collaboration with Sanne Raghoebar and under supervision of Judith Gulikers (ELS), Renate Wesselink (ELS), Annemien Haveman-Nies (CHL) and Laura Winkens (CHL).

Combining insights of both fields, my research will touch upon the domains of living, healthy lifestyles and sustainability. For the next four years, I will focus on understanding how to shift towards more sustainable and healthy eating and learning behaviours among adolescents through self-regulation. The aim is to address this topic from a systems-approach, including the broader system adolescents are living in (e.g. family, peers, physical environment).

In this project, I hope to use insights from my interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree at Erasmus University College (Rotterdam) and my master’s degree in Health & Nutrition at Wageningen University. Furthermore, I aim to build on experiences from previous research into nutrition education and school food policy, and accessibility of healthy food in low-income families. I am looking forward to continue my research during this project at ELS and CHL.