New: Wageningen Campus app

Published on
September 26, 2017

Wageningen Campus has seen a continuous increase in the number of residents and visitors and this has made it more and more important to meet their current needs. The new Wageningen Campus app, which is compatible with the iPhone, Android, and WindowsPhone, is one of the ways this is being done.

Using this app makes the buildings and facilities on campus more visible and easier to find. These range from a broad selection of meeting spaces and attractive activity programmes (science, culture, and sports) that are available to visitors, students, and alumni alike, to the wide range of restaurants, shopping options, and sports facilities, as well as the expat centre for foreign staff members.

However, the app also shows special locations where you can receive support for starting your own business including a business centre for startups and well-established businesses as well as institutions in the agricultural and food industry. Public transportation and parking options are also shown.

In the practical sense, these means that the Wageningen Campus app provides an overview of buildings, facilities, and services on campus. The navigation function features:

  • An interactive map with locations
  • Locations that are highlighted by category on the map
  • Navigation to a location based on GPS and Google Maps
  • A way to find buildings, facilities, and services easily from your current location

It also provides information on:

  • The buildings
  • Services and facilities
  • Restaurant locations and hours of operation
  • Shop locations and hours of operation
  • Campus news
  • Campus activities