Nomination for Jan Hawkins Award 2022

Published on
April 26, 2022

Dr. Omid Noroozi from Education and Learning Sciences (ELS) group from WUR has been nominated for Jan Hawkins Award for Early Career Contributions to Humanistic Research and Scholarship in Learning Technologies, AERA Division C.

As a result of this nomination, one of the recent influential articles of Dr. Omid Noroozi has been feautured in Jan Hawkins website entitled: “Promoting argumentation competence: Extending from first- to second-order scaffolding through adaptive fading”. This article was published in Educational Psychology Review in 2018. This award recognizes an early-career individual or small collaborative team that is engaged in research that combines practice and advocacy.

The award is intended to recognize a body of work that:

  • explores and demonstrates powerful new ways to think about technologies in contexts of learning and education, and uses innovative research methods to understand the impact of those technologies.
  • places young people and/or practicing educators at the center of the problem-solving process by making their meaning-making process, their needs and constraints, and their priorities central to the project
  • strikes an effective balance between innovation -- inventing new approaches to K-12 learning with technologies -- and understanding -- examining existing educational environments and changes that occur when technologies are introduced
  • uses technology to bring about broad improvements in educational systems by addressing equity, diversity, relations of power, and/or learning for all.
  • is relevant and responsive to the current social context where society is looking to new technologies to address the landscape of education transformed by the pandemic and fighting systemic racism

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