NWO Take-off grant for former PhD student Dimitri Karefyllakis

Published on
June 23, 2020

Dimitri Karefyllakis, former PhD student of the Biobased Chemistry and Technology (BCT) and Food Process Engineering (FPE) chair groups, received a NWO Take-off grant to kickoff his own start-up Timetravelling Milkman.

After his graduation in May 2019, Dimitri founded Timetravelling Milkman to utilize plant-based fats and proteins for sustainable and appetizing diary alternatives.

With the support of BCT, FPE, and NWO Dimitri will now explore oleosome technology to create plant-based ingredients that mimic milk fat.

NWO's Take-off program aims to support starting academic enterpreneurs to bring their ideads and results to the market.