Once again number 1 in Keuzegids 2023; WUR thanks students for their appreciation

November 24, 2022

Wageningen University & Research has been elected the best university for the 18th consecutive year. Moreover, the Keuzegids reports an increase in WUR’s number of top programmes from nine to thirteen out of a total of nineteen programmes.

Once again, Wageningen University & Research (WUR) tops its category and is the best technical university. Furthermore, the university boasts the highest total score: 71.5 out of 100.

Top programmes for economics and environment

‘WUR displays excellent results, particularly in the domains of economics, business, exact sciences and informatics,’ the guide states. The Business and Consumer Sciences bachelor was awarded top status this year. This status is awarded when students are extraordinarily satisfied with their programme. ‘In the domain of earth and environment, no less than six programmes are labelled top-programme, Forest and Nature Management, for example.’ Two programmes within the domain of well-being received top status this year: Nutrition and Health and Health and Society.

Arthur Mol, rector magnificus of Wageningen University & Research, is proud of WUR’s high ranking and expresses his gratitude towards the students. ‘We are very grateful that the opinions of our students have led to this wonderful ranking in the Keuzegids. And, of course, we are very proud of our teaching and supporting staff.’

A new generation of game changers

Mol refers to essential steps that were taken in 2021 and 2022. ‘Considerable investments were made in innovating our education, recruiting young teachers and opening our innovative, multi-purpose education building Aurora in the past few years. Having been elected best university again confirms that we made the right choices. And we will continue to do so. At WUR, we educate students as a new generation of experts and game changers for the transition towards a sustainable future, in the Netherlands and globally.’

Topopleidingen WUR

The Keuzegids universities is based on the assessment of the almost 300,000 students that completed the National Student Survey. Additionally, the ranking takes drop-out rates and career perspectives into account. The Keuzegids also compares programmes to form a ranking. Thus, the Keuzegids offers a comprehensive overview of the quality of comparable programmes at Dutch universities, a handy tool for prospective students and their parents.

Selecting a programme in times of inflation and housing shortages

In its preface, the editors of the Keuzegids state that students are having a difficult time. Not only is selecting a programme from the enormous range of options difficult, inflation and a shortage of student housing further complicate the selection process. The Keuzegids will hopefully help students remain focused on the domain of their interest, international orientation and career perspectives.

On what data is the ranking based?

The Keuzegids uses data from the National Student Survey, employment market data from the Centre for Research and Employment Market and data on study success from the Association of Universities (VSNU). The guide selects data for further analysis. Student assessments contribute slightly over 70% to the ranking, while just under 30% is based on other performance criteria.