Open Access publishing in Elsevier journals

Published on
December 14, 2017

Over hundred-thirty journals have been added to the Open Access journal list of Elsevier. In 2018 authors at Dutch universities will be able to publish Open Access in almost 400 Elsevier journals.

From 2016 to 2017, Elsevier and the VSNU (Association of Dutch Universities) agreed on 264 journals in which authors at Dutch universities could publish Open Access. This list has now been extended by 133 journals. Subject fields added to the journal collection include journal titles on Agricultural Sciences and Food Sciences.

Prof. Marcel Zwietering about this Open Access deal with Elsevier: 'Almost all the journals I publish in will be part of the 2018 Open Access deal. That's good news!'

To publish in one of the 397 journals, the corresponding author must be a WUR researcher and also he/she must indicate that to Elsevier at acceptance of the paper. More author information is provided on the Elsevier website. This agreement is valid through 2018.

Wageningen University & Research encourages authors to publish Open Access. An Open Science blogpost explains how the share of Open Access articles written by WUR authors has grown the last two years.