ORL chair holder interviewed on the distribution of the COVID 19 vaccin

Published on
December 3, 2020

In the Netherlands, there has been an announcement that a vaccin against COVID 19 will be administered to people early 2021. It seems that despite the mention of the first COVID 19 vaccins being administered, no effort has been done by the Gueldrian GGD to contact the large facilities which are well suited for mass vaccination. The GGD is a Dutch health care organisation, which is responsible for organising mass vaccinations.

Sander de Leeuw, chair holder of the Operations Research and Logistics group, was interviewed by Omroep Gelderland. His response to the situation can be found in this article. The article is available in Dutch:

In one of their news shows, the Dutch broadcasting company Omroep Gelderland featured an interview with Sander de Leeuw. You can watch the broadcast here: