PepsiCo visits Dairy Campus

February 1, 2019

Twenty one PepsiCo employees working in the Russian dairy industry visited the Dairy Campus in Leeuwarden from 17 till 21 December. The goal of this visit was to gain more knowledge about the Dutch Dairy industry and to be able to implement this knowledge in their daily work. The programme was developed and organized by Wageningen Academy and the Dairy Campus.

Advanced Dairy Farming programme

The central question in this programme was: Which lessons can be learned from the Dutch way of dairy farming? The programme started with several presentations about the udder, the milking process and new innovations on the first day. The following days subjects as nutrition of dairy cows, the impact of the cow on greenhouse emission, circular farming and welfare of calf and cow were discussed. The presentations were given by experts from Wageningen University & Research and industry.

Participant Experience

The particpants were very involved from the beginning, which resulted in lively discussions during and after the presentations. The combination of scientific knowledge, brought by lectures and presentations combined with the visit to the Dairy Campus facilities made thi course very successful according to the participants.

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