Publishing with WUR’s Open Journal Systems

Published on
June 23, 2022

Ever thought about starting your own academic journal? WUR Library offers an open journal service to help you run an open access journal successfully.

Why launch a new Open Access journal?

Starting and running your own journal is, of course, extra work, but it may be worth the effort. New journals help to fill scientific gaps and create new (interdisciplinary) communities. You also develop greater visibility, a larger network and recognition within your research community while promoting a specific viewpoint in your research area.

WUR’s Open Journal Systems - benefits

WUR Library uses Open Journal Systems (OJS). OJS is an open source journal management and publishing programme. You can use OJS to publish your own open access journal or conference proceedings. By making your new journal open access, you expand its visibility and potential readership. Articles are also automatically licensed for reuse using a Creative Commons license.

OJS makes the necessary workflows less time consuming. With OJS you can manage some or all stages of the journal publishing process: submissions, peer review, the editorial process, online publishing, and indexing. You can also use OJS to accept conference submissions, manage the peer review process, and publish conference papers.

WUR Library provides technical support and troubleshooting for a small fee. This support includes setting up the technical infrastructure, configuration and hosting of the OJS journal and related data, and advice on how to obtain an ISSN and/or DOI. WUR Library does not make a profit. The fee only covers costs.

Examples WUR journals

Open Data Journal for Agricultural Research and Socio-Environmental Systems Modelling are excellent examples of open access journals that have already been set up with help of the WUR Library. A recent example is the Conference Circular@WUR proceedings. These proceedings were published with OJS. Other examples are:


Would you like to publish a journal or the results of a conference in the WUR Open Journal System? We're happy to discuss the options with you. For more information, contact the Servicedesk.