Reading the landscape of South Limburg: the story of BIL students' excursion

Published on
June 7, 2022

Other than research and project work, WRM is highly engaged in education activities. Every year, WRM is involved in the sucessful completion of the course Design in Land and Water Management I, coordinated by the Land physics and Soil Management group (SLM).

During this course, first-year bachelor students of Interanational Land and Water Management (BIL programme) visit South Limburg for a 10-day excursion. Students have the opportunity to explore the issues around land and water management in the field, talk to stakeholders, take measurements and experience doing field work for land and water managenent.

Resource Magazine and the reporter Luuk Zegers joined the students and found out what the course is all about. For more insights read the full article


photo by Jeroen Poelert