Relocation of the professor portraits

February 1, 2022

The Aula next to Hotel De Wereld in Wageningen has been sold. This spring Omnia, the new auditorium, will be opened on Campus. The professor portraits from the Aula will be moved to Omnia. But before that, several of them will be restored and they will receive a new frame.

A historic event

The portraits were carefully removed from the walls of the Klein Auditorium in the last week of January. After removal the paintings were packed and transported. The Klein Auditorium was the room where the dissertation committee determined a doctoral grade.

The portraits were carefully placed on the floor
The portraits were carefully placed on the floor

Thirthy-five portraits hung in the Klein Auditorium. Three large modern portraits hung in the adjacent reception room. The portrait of Mr C.J.M. Jongkindt, the first president of the Rijks Landbouw School, was on display in the Board Room. Special Collections is now working on a map for the paintings to plan which portrait will hang where in Omnia.

You can see photos of the portraits in the WUR Image Collections. There are a total of 39 portraits: 23 portraits of rectors and 16 portraits of professors appointed at Wageningen University.

Assessing the state of a painting
Assessing the state of a painting

Management of art and heritage

For a few years now, WUR Library has been managing WUR's indoor and outdoor artworks and academic heritage. The Art and Heritage Committee consisting of WUR members advises the Library on these topics. Do you want to know more? Please email Special Collections.