Research funders allow the WUR data management plan template

Published on
May 15, 2023

A data management plan (DMP) describes how data will be handled during and after a research project. To get funding approved for a research project, most funders require a DMP, written according to a mandatory template. If your research is funded by NWO, ZonMw, or the European Commission, you can use the WUR Data Management Plan (DMP) template.

NWO and ZonMw have specifically approved the use of this template. For the funding programmes of the European Commission (ERC, Horizon) the use of their DMP templates is optional. Therefore, for all these research funders, you can use the WUR data management template.

Use of WUR DMP template recommended

We recommend the use of the WUR DMP template because it:

  • is based on the WUR data policy,
  • is based on Data management core requirements defined by Science Europe,
  • is fine-tuned to research services at WUR, e.g. storage systems, security & privacy, resources,
  • includes specific guidance from NWO and ZonMw,
  • mostly consists of easy multiple-choice questions!

Getting started

The WUR DMP template is also available on DMPonline. This database provides many DMP templates to create data management plans that meet institutional and funder requirements. More information on how to get started and fill in a DMP is available on Research data management protocols & plans.

    What is a data management plan?

    A data management plan is a document written before the start of a research project, which outlines detailed data management practices for a research project in line with the WUR data policy and, when applicable, funder requirements. It makes you think carefully about the processes of collecting, storing, describing, and preserving research data.


    WUR Library created the WUR DMP template + guidance. All
    information necessary to fill in a DMP can be found at this website on research data management. Do you have questions or do you want your DMP reviewed? Please, send an e-mail to the Data Desk.