ResearchGate and copyright

Published on
June 5, 2015

ResearchGate is a social network site for academic researchers to create their own profiles, list their publications and interact with each other. Over 3650 researchers from Wageningen UR have been registered on ResearchGate. But is it allowed to upload the full text of your articles on ResearchGate?

There is a question that is always asked: "Is it allowed to share the full text of my paper on ResearchGate?" Uploading the full text is considered as making it public. If you have published your paper in a journal you should check the publisher’s conditions. The best place to do so is the  Sherpa/Romeo database. ResearchGate attempts to do an automatic check on this database but if you want to be sure better check yourself.

Of course you can share a copy of your paper personally with a colleague by e-mail. If you get such a request via ResearchGate, they may encourage you to upload it to your profile. If you do not feel entitled to do that, make sure that you just send it by e-mail.

Note that Elsevier has recently changed its conditions, putting more restrictions on sharing.

At this moment Wageningen UR Library does not organize any activities to support ResearchGate users. If you have suggestions, please send us an email.