Searching in WaY updated

Published on
February 26, 2010

As from 1 March 2010, Wageningen Yield (WaY) has a new search interface. It is still possible to ask a search question directly from the homepage, but users can also click through to "Advanced search" where all kinds of search possibilities have been brought together. Users can choose for "Basic search", "Advanced search", author search, and search for author affiliation. The possibilities within the option "Advanced search" have been considerably expanded. Users can search in all fields but also in publications that are digitally available.

With this new search interface not only have the possibilities within WaY been expanded, but searching has been considerably simplified. The fill-in fields are now displayed on one screen with forms that can be opened separately to limit the search request.

Comments: Library, WaY

 (Newsletter 1-2010)