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September 18, 2018

It is high time that Wageningen expertise was deployed for migration-related issues, says Marian Stuiver, Metropolitan Solutions programme leader at Wageningen Environmental Research, in the most recent edition of Wageningen World. The third printed edition of Wageningen World of 2018 is published on September 13 and the digital magazine can also be viewed online from 18 September. This digital magazine is enriched with additional click-through options for more information and videos. And the stories are also easy to share.

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In the article A better life for refugees Bram Jansen and a number of WUR colleagues explain how they are doing research on the background to migration and the reception of refugees in Jordan, the Congo, Lebanon, Bangladesh and Uganda.

Read about Dutch water mangement in the article The Blue Heart is getting greener. The IJsselmeer lake was created to prevent flooding and famine. Today, the area is the focus of many other interests including recreation and nature. But the fishing community is still adjusting to not having it all to themselves.

Did you know that scientists and creatives together with met Circulair Fashion Lab of WUR are designing sustainable clothing and shoes, making them out of fruit waste, discarded fibres or fungi? Kim Poldner, who works in the Management Studies Group, gives you an update in the article Wearing fungus on your feet.

Read also in the September issue about the succes of 100 years of plant breeding in the article Here’s how plant breeders develop successful crops

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