Setac Global Soil Interest Group

Published on
March 11, 2022


To facilitate the exchange of information and encourage connections between parties (members) to develop discussions on topics of interest to GSIG members, within the GSIG’s scope, and to serve as a scientific resource to stakeholders


● Support or develop workshops and training on topics of interest related to soil

● Build bridges between different sectors – academia, government, industry, NGO’s and others, aiming to construct consensus on matters of relevance for the topic of soil

● Initiate when needed, and support discussions related to soil, with sound scientific evidence


The GSIG is a platform for discussions and collaborations on the use and role of the soil compartment in ecotoxicological science and regulation. In the context of this group, “soil” includes the mineral soil as well as organic (litter) layers present on the soil surface. “Soil organisms” are defined as all micro-organisms and invertebrates which spend their whole or a relevant part of their life cycle within the soil, as well as terrestrial plants. The interrelationship between these organisms can also be studied by the group. Little knowledge is available for soil fungi, at the moment. However, this group should be included in discussions in future. The GSIG will serve as a forum where issues related to soils can be discussed, taking into account regulatory needs, e.g., as defined in the draft Soil Framework Directive (SFD) and the revised pesticide directive (EU No 1107/2009) in the European Union, and guidance for establishment of Ecological Soil Screening Levels (Eco-SSL) in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Issues related to comparable documents from other SETAC Geographical Units can also be addressed.


Any individual who conforms to the scope, purpose, and operating guidelines in good standing may be a member of GSIG. Student participation is encouraged, and is mutually beneficial, allowing for student development and empowerment, and networking benefits for long-term professional collaborations. It may accept individuals who are not members of SETAC as long as they do not form part of the Steering Committee (refer to SETAC By-Laws). All members of the GSIG will adhere to the SETAC Constitution and By-Laws, as well as adhere to the GSIG Code of Conduct / Ground Rules.

Our next annual meeting will be held on the 17th of May, via Zoom, from 16.00-17.30 (CET).

Link will be updated.