Six million euros for EFRO project "Faag op Maat"

Published on
May 30, 2017

The Operational Program of the European Regional Development Fund in Eastern Netherlands (EFRO) has granted the 'Faag op Maat' (Tailored Phage) project. This project focuses on the use of 'phages' in animal feeds.

These bactericidal microorganisms can help reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock farming. 'Faag op Maat' will give the participating companies an opportunity to play a leading role in developing a system based on innovative products, service and knowledge to reduce the use of antibiotics in livestock, thereby putting a significant and pioneering step forward in the reduction of antibiotic resistance. The project duration is 4 years and the total investment is over € 6 million, of which almost € 2.5 million is subsidized.

Participating companies

The Consortium working together consists of: Trouw Nutrition Netherlands (project leader), Micreos Food Safety B.V., NYtor B.V., Agri Information Partners B.V. and Wageningen University & Research. Within ASG, the chairgroups Animal Nutrition (ANU) and Cell Biology & Immunology (CBI) are involved in this project.