Tool tip: social media monitoring software Coosto

March 4, 2019

In the series of Tool tips, Library staff reviews handy research tools. Think of tools that can help you with publishing your research, accessing literature, and handling data. In this tip, we introduce Coosto, an online tool to monitor topics on social media.

Coosto collects data from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, as well as from (Dutch) television, radio and newspapers. WUR Library has a licence to use Coosto until August 2019.

When you're doing research, you keep track of the scientific developments in your field. But, are you also aware that your research topic may appear in social media? With Coosto you can search for your research topics to discover what society is saying about it. Alternatively, when you're still in the process of writing a grant proposal, you can search for opinions or newspaper articles that can serve as an additional motivation for the proposal.

How does it work? Once you're logged in, you can choose from four tabs: performance, monitoring, engagement, and publishing. For most researchers, monitoring is the most important tab. You can do a simple search on words or sentences, or you can use the 'search helper' for advanced searching.

Coosto then visualizes all social media files back to 2009 in a single page. You're able to see how many times your topic was mentioned, the sentiment of the messages (neutral, negative or positive), the sources where they were found and links to related topics.

If you're a WUR researcher and you want to try it, please send a message to for the login credentials.