STAP-budget: €1000 subsidy for education

Published on
June 15, 2022

Starting 2022, professionals and job seekers can apply for the STAP-budget. This annual subsidy of a €1000 is used for education and development. WUR contributes to this positive development.

STAP-budget explained

The STAP-budget makes it easier to keep developing yourself continuously and aims to stimulate labour positions. This is in line with WUR's ideals. The university is committed to develop courses for professionals and other curious people to stimulate growth in their careers and personal development.

Don't know what STAP-budget is and for whom? Please check the FAQ's on this page and/or visit for general information about STAP UWV_STAP - Home ( in Dutch).

Applicable programmes

WUR is continuously developing new courses, therefore new courses are frequently add to the website. The first available courses, are various courses from Professional Education. Every 2 months a new period starts in which the subsidy can be applied to.

More information

More information about the STAP-budget can be found on this page.

For general information about STAP, please visit:
UWV_STAP - Home ( in Dutch).

Would you like to know more about STAP-budget at WUR? Please fill out the contact form. Klaar Vernaillen will gladly answer your questions.