Student Start-up Loan celebration

Published on
October 16, 2020

Wednesday, the 31st of September, a few startups from the StartHub community received a student start-up loan! This student start-up loan is offered by StartLife and StartHub Wageningen to students with a business idea, to accelerate their business activities. After an intake, handing in documents and a pitch session, students with a promising concept can be granted a small loan to kick-off their market validation or prototype development. We want to congratulate Juliana from Cano-ela, Aria from Inventional Ventures and Nikolaos from FarmVent with this success!

Student start-up loan

About the start-ups


Nikolaos’ company FarmVent serves the agricultural industry by development and construction of automated indoor cultivation systems. With the use of robotic systems, sensors and microelectronics, it develops integrated automated solutions for the entire production process of cultivation. Niko is also a Master track student who combines his studies with being entrepreneurial!

Inventional Ventures

Through Inventional Ventures, Aria provides support to innovative entrepreneurs and researchers for global access to the market, labs, patents and technologies, incubation and acceleration program as well as funding. He also founded a company called InsectSense B.V., that builds diagnostic device based on olfactory sense of insects which can detect diseases in humans, animals and plants and can be used for early detection of diseases.


With Cano-ela, Juliana proposes a new way to go from raw materials to final products. Inside of seeds, oil, proteins, and carbohydrates, as well as micronutrients, are present and stored in natural and functional plant structures. When extracting these naturally present structures in canola seeds (and other oil-rich seeds), they can be used as building blocks to create foods. The extraction of them enables to skip the creation of refined ingredients while extracting the maximum functionality out of raw materials. In this way, the production of healthy food can be more sustainable.