Students: WUR most sustainable Dutch institute of higher education

May 31, 2021

Students consider Wageningen University & Research to be the most sustainable higher education institute in the Netherlands. In the SustainaBul ranking, which is compiled by students, Van Hall Larenstein and the University of Amsterdam take places two and three, after WUR. Zuyd Hogeschool was awarded for the best “best practice”, for their WOOW project on neighbourhoods of the future.

SustainaBul ranks universities and university colleges according to their levels of sustainability, societal responsibility and transparency. The sustainability ranking for higher education was organised by Students for Tomorrow (Studenten voor Morgen) for the tenth consecutive time. Students from across the country contribute to the ranking.

Universities and university colleges were assessed on how they integrate sustainability, including how they work on the United Nations Sustainability Goals that were formulated in 2015. In addition to these Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), they also considered how sustainability is integrated in education, research and business management. There was also the option to highlight best practices.

The ranking was published on 28 May 2021 during Green Pepper (Groene Peper), the sustainability event for middle (mbo) and higher education in the Netherlands. During this edition of the event, the efforts made by the mbo-institutes were underscored. In particular where there was cross-pollination between institutes on sustainability issues.

The results of the ranking
The results of the ranking