Sustainability award for Imke de Boer

Published on
September 10, 2021

During the Dutch annual Sustainable Tuesday, Imke de Boer received a sustainability award (‘Duurzaam Lintje’) for her contribution to the global sustainability of food systems

The jury praised her as a fundamental thinker and doer who contributes to the global sustainability of food systems with her inspiring vision. Imke de Boer's vision is not only known and recognised, but is also applied by innovative farmers and food system change agents, according to the jury.

The award is a decoration for individuals who have been dedicating themselves to a more sustainable society for many years without any personal interest.

Every first Tuesday of September is a dedicated day in political The Hague, to give podium to sustainable ideas and initiatives. The government receives a suitcase with hundreds of sustainable ideas and initiatives from all over society, and also awards are given. More information on this day is available on the website of Duurzame dinsdag