Text Mining

Published on
November 26, 2021

Text mining is a research tool that helps to find relevant data in documents. It uses an artificial intelligence to search through documents, to find information related to the research topic. This can help researchers to discover what is written about a certain subject. Text mining requires advanced insight in technology. Guest speaker Filippo Chiarello will be joining us in this Business Science research seminar He will share his insights in text mining in an interesting and interactive way. Filippo Chiarello is an assistant professor of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence at the University of Pisa.

After Filippo’s speech, Maria Annosi from BMO will host a discussion about text mining. She will explore, together with the audience, how text mining can support research at a chair group and section level. The focus of the discussion will be on bringing in expertise, and cultivating collaboration between computer scientists and researchers. Because text mining is a broad field, it is important that text mining expertise isn’t just accessible, says Maria Annosi. It is also important that the type of expertise is offered that benefits the researcher the most. Her chair group, the Business Management & Organisation group is organising the research seminar for section Business Science this time.

Not a member of section Business Science, but interested in text mining? Please feel free to join us in this online seminar on Friday, on the third of December. You can register with section secretary Laura de Graaf via The seminar will last from 12.00 to 13.00.