The library of Piet Looise

Published on
October 24, 2006

Recently the Deventer branche of Van Hall Larenstein University of Professional Education was accommodated in the old IMAG-building at the Mansholtlaan in Wageningen. Mid-2007 they will move again to the Forum building. Piet Looise, economics teacher since 1985, moved with the School. Together with Library De Haaff, the Library was temporarily housed in an adjacent building on the IMAG-grounds. It is remarkable how quickly the students managed to find the library. For this Piet Looise gives a big compliment to the library staff: “I found it amazing how rapidly matters were ordered again after the removal from Deventer. I think that is because of very dedicated personel.”

The 63-year-old teacher himself frequently uses the physical and digital library. He is frequently to be found in his “own” library to view new acquisitions in his field of interest: "I also make use of the possibility to have study material for students reserved and to be able to place crates with additional information per module for the students." Actuality is a must for the Library, is Piet’s opinion, as well as support with the information supply for teaching. As regards keeping the collection up-to-date there is, according to Piet, an important role for the user: “If I suggest to purchase a certain publication, this is usually done."

The next removal will be an even bigger step, according to Looise, because then the “own” library will then definitely disappear. It is not yet possible for him to oversee the consequences, but he is afraid that the lines will be longer. For him it is important that when furnishing the Forum library the wishes of the users will be taken into account: “There should be an opportunity for student groups to work with a wide computer screen."

(Newsletter 6-2006)