Tool tip #12: Check if a paper is supported or contradicted with scite_

Published on
September 27, 2019

In this tool tip we introduce scite_. When searching literature you often want to know whether a study is supported or contradicted by other research. Scite_ helps you with this task with just a few clicks.


scite_ is a search engine that uses artificial intelligence to identify if a citation in a paper supports, contradicts or just mentions the study. The scite_ database is still growing: not all citations of every paper have been indexed. This means that you may not be able to identify all citations. But, scite_ can still give you crucial information during your literature search.

How to use scite_

You can use scite_ in two ways: (a) by using the search engine on the website and (b) by installing a plugin for your web browser (Firefox and Chrome). The browser plugin notifies you when you're on a website of a scientific paper. Both ways work best if you search for a specific title or DOI.

Do you want to check if a scientific publication has been supported or contradicted? Find out with scite_!

example report scite.png

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