Tool tip #8: Let DropIt organise your files

Published on
March 29, 2019

In the series of Tool tips, Library staff reviews handy research tools. Think of tools that can help you with publishing your research, accessing literature, and handling data. In this tip, we introduce DropIt, a free tool that helps you organise your files.

When doing research, you work with different types of information, like literature, data, and draft texts. You probably already use a system to organise your files. Perhaps you have separate folders and subfolders for your literature and data. But while setting up a system is easy, sticking to it is not.

The tool DropIt helps you keep your files organised. Once installed, the DropIt icon shows on your desktop. You can drag a bunch of files to this icon, and DropIt will manage them. It can, for example, move files to a specified location, upload them to a server, encrypt them, compress them, and rename them. You decide which actions are performed on which files, based on file characteristics like format, size, and name.

For example, you could set up the following rules:
- All PDFs from the download folder are moved to the folder M:\Documents\Literature.
- All Excel files with “Responses Survey 1” in their name are encrypted.
- All Word files are compressed and sent to M:\writing backups.

Once you have set up your rules, all you need to do is drag your files to the DropIt icon and the actions will be performed. You can also make DropIt monitor folders, so that actions are automatically performed on files in those folders.

DropIt is intuitive to use. The tool offers a few example rules to help you get started. For more advanced features, take a look at the guide that is accessible in the app.