Tool tip: Comment on papers or retrieve discussed papers via PubPeer

May 22, 2019

In the series of Tool tips, Library staff reviews handy research tools. Think of tools that can help you with publishing your research, accessing literature, and handling data. Do you want to comment on a published paper? In this 9th tool tip, we introduce PubPeer, a platform where you can comment on papers or find discussions about papers.

Many scientists participate in some sort of journal discussion group to critically discuss papers. And sometimes these groups find mistakes in a paper, even though the paper has gone through a thorough peer review process. The PubPeer platform lets you share your critical comments with others and allows the authors to comment, too. A recent interview with one of the founders can be found here.

An important aspect of the platform is that it allows anonymous commenting. At the same time, the platform tries to inform corresponding authors about comments on their paper.

To comment on papers, go to the PubPeer platform and search for a paper by its title or doi. If you want to receive about comments on a paper, you can install the browser plugin. With the PubPeer browser plugin, a box from PubPeer appears when you're on the article’s webpage. Of course, this happens only when there are comments on the specific paper. Unfortunately, the color of PubPeer’s box is pale and might not always be easily seen.

Do you have comments on a paper? Share them with the scientific community via PubPeer!