Tourism and water scarcity: analysis and policy options

July 9, 2019

The three-year JPI Water funded project SIMTWIST (Simulating tourism water consumption with stakeholders) celebrated its kick-off in Wageningen between 24 and 26 June.

In the Mediterranean region, tourism is an important but under-researched consumer of water. The SIMTWIST project aims to 1) estimate tourism’s share in current and future macro-level water scarcity in the Mediterranean, and 2) study and simulate water-related behaviour of tourism stakeholders at the micro-level. The project’s ultimate objective is to inform tourism decision-makers about the effectiveness of a variety of measures to reduce tourism’s water consumption.


The SIMTWIST project is carried out by three partners: University of Alicante, Spain (UA), University of Bologna, Italy (UNIBO) and Wageningen University (WUR). The large tourism resorts of Rimini in Italy and Benidorm in Spain are the two case study areas.

All eight team members attended the kick-off: Elena Toth and Cristiana Bragalli (UNIBO), Antonio M. Rico, María Hernández, Sandra Ricart and Rubén Villar (UA), and María Reyes (WUR) and Bas Amelung (WUR, project coordinator).