Training on Phenotyping and Data management in Thailand

Published on
October 30, 2017

Researchers from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) organised workshops on Plant phenotyping and Agri Data Management for The Department of Agriculture in Thailand. In November, a Thai-Dutch forum will be organised where further cooperation will be agreed upon.

About 60 attendees from the Department of Agriculture in Thailand attended both workshops. The experts of the BU’s Greenhouse Horticulture and Agrosystems Research were responsible for the workshops.

Phenotyping with imaging techniques

In the plant phenotyping workshop, elementary imaging techniques were taught to the Thai plant researchers. The workshop started with a two days field trip in which many images were acquired in cassava, sugarcane and maize fields. Images were acquired using colour and multispectral cameras on the ground and from drones. In the remaining days, these images were analysed during hands-on training sessions.

After following these workshops, the attendees acquired basic knowledge about imaging techniques needed for measuring plant characteristics, such as size and shape, counting plants in images, working with 3D data and segment disease spots visible in RGB images.

Agri Data Management

The attendees also learned the basics of the GIS Akkerweb platform for smart use of soil, weather, satellite and drone images in management of crops, focussing on sugar cane, cassava and maize. The majority of the time was used to exercise image acquisition, and image processing for measuring characteristics in images.

Local applications

During the workshops, a significant amount of time was reserved to discuss specific local applications of the researchers in Thailand. A large list of possible applications, ranging from seed quality assessment to nutrient application in the field, from detection of thrips in orchids, to height measurements of coconut trees came up from the group. Further cooperation will be set up, in which a selection of these problems will be worked out in future projects. On November 21, a Thai-Dutch forum will be organised where further cooperation will be agreed upon.

The workshops were financed by the Thailand Research Fund.

Phenotyping workshop: Gerrit Polder & Frits van Evert
Data management workshop: Thomas Been & Johan Booij
Smart Farming: Corné Kempenaar