Tricks for students to prevent bicycle theft

May 25, 2021

As a student with a tight budget, you don’t want to fall victim to a bicycle thief. With the following tricks you can prevent a lot of misery!

Invest in good locks

It may be a no brainer and seems very obvious, yet this is often where it goes wrong! It is so tempting to buy the cheapest lock or just a ring lock. However, assume from us that investing in a good lock is really worth the effort and money. Choose for quality and purchase an art 2 slot. Even better, use two! Quality mark locks from brands such as Vinz, Abus, AXA and SXP are from good quality, are available in various types and do not cost you that much. For example, anchor your bicycle with one bicycle chain lock and attach it to the frame and to an immovable object, such as a bike holder or a lamppost. Then you are safe because if a potential bicycle thief sees your bicycle, he will walk around it!

Strategic storage

Whenever possible, always store your bike indoors and locked. At home in the shed, garage or even the hallway. The advantage of this is: your bike is better protected, is out of sight and is protected against weather conditions. Of course it is not always possible to store the bike inside. Do you have an expensive bike, a popular item for thieves? Swap the place where you store it regularly so that thieves do not see a pattern and know how long you will be away from home.

Save your frame number

Write down your frame number and engrave your zip code and house number in the frame. Take a picture of your bike and store it, together with your frame number and the spare key. In this way, you can easily file a report in case your bike is stolen. Besides that, if the police would come into possession of your bike, they can easily contact you. In addition, you meet the requirements of your insurance (usually showing two keys to an ART-2 lock).