Update experiment VitalFluid

Published on
October 29, 2021

​In nature, around 10% of fixed nitrogen is produced by lightning flashes. VitalFluid has taken this natural process to a reactor, for disinfection of water and fixation of nitrogen, so called Natural Nitrogen. A lightning flash is produced with electricity, creating a plasma from air (78% N2, 21% O2).

In this plasma, nitrogen and oxygen are turned into reactive components and led through water. The reactive components that occur give the water temporary disinfecting properties, after these reactions nitric acid (HNO3) will be fixed in the water. The nitric acid can be used for fertigation of greenhouse crops. In the attached information bulletin, an update on the application of this source of nitrogen in a USDA organic cultivation of tomato in the experimental greenhouses of Wageningen University & Research in Bleiswijk.