Wageningen Agro Food Robotics Parcours is back

Published on
May 16, 2022

On June 7, 2022, the facilities of WUR's Agro Food Robotics team will open its doors again. During the free event Agro Food Robotics Parcours, visitors can participate in a tour of the campus along various labs, vision and robotics setups.

“The previous event dates back to 2019, so we are really looking forward to welcoming interested parties to the campus,” says Erik Pekkeriet, program leader Agro Food Robotics at Wageningen University & Research. During the event, visitors will be guided around various locations on the Wageningen campus where they will see live demonstrations of the latest developments in robotics, vision, artificial intelligence, and precision agriculture.

The agri-food and tech sector is in full swing and the need to integrate technology into business processes is everywhere. There will be insufficient people in the sector in a few years' time, so automation of various complex handling and processing activities is indispensable to meet the operational flexibility that will be needed in the future. “In Wageningen we are working on key technologies such as Digital Twins and different applications of Artificial Intelligence to contribute to the acceleration of much-needed innovation. On June 7, we would like to give start-ups and professionals from agriculture, horticulture, livestock farming, fisheries, and food processing a look behind the scenes,” says Erik.

Registration for Agro Food Robotics Parcours is now closed