Wageningen best in the Netherlands for student housing

Published on
March 30, 2022

Wageningen Municipality has been named Netherland’s best city for student housing by the National Student Union (LSVB). The union keeps annual reports on what city scores best in facilitating student housing. In 2021, Wageningen topped the list.

According to the LSVB, students in Wageningen have the least trouble in acquiring affordable rooms, receive enough information from the municipality and are able to reach out to a tenant team if they have issues with their landlord.

‘Wageningen may benefit from the fact that it is a smaller city, but it does take the student housing issue seriously,’ says LSVB chair Ama Boahene. ’The university is involved, which is not always the case, and temporary housing has been erected for international students. In contrast, in many other cities, international students are often housed on camping sites.’

Wageningen haalde de meeste puntern op de vier categorieën waarop de studentensteden kunnen scoren.

Housing is a priority

Rens Buchwaldt, a WUR board member, is proud of the collaboration with the municipality. ‘The city prioritises housing for all its inhabitants, students included. WUR supports this goal with Idealis, to help each student find suitable accommodation.’

Rector Magnificus Arthur Mol is convinced that collaboration is key in finding answers to student housing issues. ‘This aligns perfectly with our strategic approach: finding answers together. By seeking solutions together, better insight is achieved. This LSVB award for Wageningen city is well deserved!’