Wageningen Experience Day: Searching for answers together

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September 22, 2021

The world is facing major challenges. How, for example, do we tackle climate change, declining biodiversity, famine and future pandemics?

During the Wageningen Experience Day for alumni on 2 October, experts from Wageningen University & Research will talk about their research on these challenges. And about how we must look for answers together.

Because research is never on its own. There are many links and overlaps, with practice and with other research inside and outside WUR. It is precisely these mutual connections that can strengthen research: this is where innovative ideas are created and the solutions to the major problems the world is facing are developed.

Central theme: Finding Answers Together

'Finding answers together' is the central message of the five experts during the Wageningen Experience Day. They show us how WUR looks outside the boundaries of its own domain, but also that cooperation must of course not be limited to our own organisation.

After all, we need to search for answers together in order to improve the quality of life

Liesje Mommer about Biodiversiteit

Liesje Mommer, Professor Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation, tells that we only have 10 years left to turn the tide and stop the decline in biodiversity.

Time for action and cooperation. This is why, together with other researchers, she founded the Wageningen Biodiversity Initiative. A good example of Finding answers together.

Liesje Mommer
Liesje Mommer

Tim van Hattum about Nature Based Solutions

Tim van Hattum, programme leader Green Climate Solutions, believes in the power of nature and tells more about 'Nature-based solutions' within research programmes. In which you take nature as an example.

Nature is already a source of inspiration for all kinds of sectors: from architecture to medicine and from energy to infrastructure. Tim thinks there are also opportunities to find solutions that contribute to the climate challenge, food transition or improving biodiversity.

Tim van Hattum
Tim van Hattum

Joukje Siebenga about zoonotic emergencies

COVID-19 still has the world in its grip. The crisis (zoonotic emergency) that virologists, epidemiologists and health authorities have been warning about for decades is now upon us: the disruption of society and the economy by 'disease X', a new infectious disease that causes a worldwide pandemic.

Programme leader ERRAZE, Joukje Siebenga, explains what lessons we can learn from this and how we can prevent future pandemics or at least limit their effects.

Joukje Siebenga
Joukje Siebenga

Willem Jan Knibbe about Artificial Intelligence

The world is facing great challenges in the field of sustainability, food and healthy living environment. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help to find answers. The question is how? That is what Willem Jan Knibbe is researching at the Wageningen Data Competence Centre.

By exploring the potential of data, they assist other researchers in finding solutions to all kinds of problems. Together, they work on improving the quality of life.

Willem Jan Knibbe
Willem Jan Knibbe

Ivo Demmers about the Food Systems Approach

How do we ensure that we can feed the ever-growing world population in a sustainable and healthy way? A complex issue with no single solution. But there might be a method to find the most effective local solutions together.

Ivo Demmers, programme leader Food Security and Valuing Water, tells more about this Food Systems approach during the Wageningen Experience Day.

Ivo Demmers
Ivo Demmers

Are you coming to the Wageningen Experience Day?

Especially for this day we digitally rebuilt the campus! On this campus you can meet the experts and hear about what WUR is doing. Of course, there is also the opportunity to meet other former students. Sign up and explore the campus on Saturday 2 October from 15:30 to 17:00. See you then!

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