Wageningen publications even more accessible

Published on
January 11, 2004

Wageningen Yield (WaY), the database containing descriptions of all Wageningen publications since 1985, has been considerably improved.
Using ‘Advanced Search’, all parts of the organisation can be served thoroughly and in detail. In this way the integration of the publication files from Wageningen University and the DLO Institutes has been realised. The file containing Wageningen dissertations (WDA) has also been included in WaY.
'Link to WaY' provides a user-friendly way to create authentic publication lists. Webmasters from local internet and intranet sites, as well as individual researchers, can thus be saved a considerable amount of input work.
The Library, together with a team from faculty groups and institutes (within the framework of METIS), will guarantee that the content of the database is always up to date. Wherever possible, publications will also be made available in full text.
WaY provides an important contribution to the worldwide dissemination of the Wageningen crop of publications. By applying the standard for ‘Open Archives’, publications are immediately available for the most important search engines. Applications in the field of Open Archives will be developed within the framework of the national project ‘Digital Academic Repositories’ (DARE), in which all Dutch universities participate. With its excellent Institutional Repository, Wageningen UR is a front-runner in this project.
But we are not there yet. With WaY we are aiming towards: actuality, totality, sustainability and open accessibility, with a rapid and extensive digital dissemination of research publications. It is our hope that every Wageningen researcher will get his or her publication into WaY as quickly as possible.

(Newsletter 11-2004)